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Glass Hammer - Perilous

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Glass Hammer - Perilous Empty Glass Hammer - Perilous

Post  Admin Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:11 pm

Glass Hammer officially began in 1992 with longtime friends and musicians Steve Babb
(bass and keyboards) and Fred Schendel (keyboards and guitars).
Throughout the past two decades Glass Hammer has released 12 studio releases,
a few compilation releases and two live releases.
In a way Glass Hammer is what Yes might have been if they kept at the prog thing
and didn’t take their detour into pop.
The new album is a concept album called Perilous,
and they’re calling it one song in 13 parts.

What is the story about?
“It is obvious from the album art and the title PERILOUS that something dire is lurking
beyond that gate."

Release date October 23rd.


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